March 2017

KI Image Awards! Congratulations to Claudia on her image being selected for display in the KI Galleries. Check out the STAT News piece here for more information on her image!

The Oudin Lab will open its doors in January 2018 in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Tufts University. Congratulations to Madeleine on her new Assistant Professor position!

Grant Funded! Congratulations to Claudia on being awarded a Department of Defence Lung Cancer Research Program Concept Award entitled 'Adhesion-dependetn regulation of mutant K-Ras protein levels in lung cancer'.


February 2017

Masters Student Erwin heads back to the Netherlands after spending a year in our lab. We wish you all the best Erwin!


January 2017

Frank Gertler

New publication! Check out our new piece in Trends in Cancer summarizing the current published work describing a role for Mena isoforms as biomarkers in breast cancer as well as highlighting unanswered questions and areas warranting further investigation.


December 2016

Happy holidays! Annual joint Gertler-Hemann lab holiday party with drinks, food and Secret Santa!

The Gertler lab enjoys the Koch Institute Christmas Lunch in the KI Image Gallery. 

New lab member! Welcome Mengyuan Dai from Wuhan University China. 


November 2016

New publication! Congratulations to Madeleine as well as other contributing authors for the publicationof their paper describing a novel role for Mena in driving resistance to the chemotherapeutic agent Taxol, often used to treat metastatic breast cancer. 

Check out the MIT news story covering our story here. 

The lab says goodbye to Guillaume and Russell, who are moving to new jobs at local startups. Congratulations to both of them on their new jobs! We wish them all the best!!